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 Hello again

First of all, congratulations to Jonathan Knight for winning the competition we ran last week.  We'll be in touch soon!!
It's only a few days until the album's out, but in the meantime don't forget about the limited edition signed print for "Too Many Miracles" that's out this week in selected independent music retailers across the UK.  
Check out who's stocking it here.  
If you've already got your print, let us know what you think of it and the download you get with it on Facebook and Twitter
To see all 500 photos of Damon that were taken, click here  and see if you can spot yours.....
If you’re in the UK there’s still time to pre order your box set and get it on Monday, just make sure you order before midday tomorrow (Friday) and choose recorded delivery.
We've posted a number of clips of the album online so you can get a good feel for it (or order the box set to instantly get the whole album digitally) - music is up on Myspace and Facebook, and we've posted 2 album samplers on Youtube, here and here, as well.  Enjoy!
We've  also put together a free 4 track download EP called "It's What They're All Thinking".  Click here, and you'll be able to download the EP with the four following tracks;
1. In Safe Hands
A demo of the first track on the new album.
2. It's What He's Thinking
Oxidising Hexagons Silver Iodide - Album Re-Dux / Sound Collage by Andy Vote (short excerpt)
3. The Order Of Things 
With Tim And Sam's Tim And The Sam Band With Tim And Sam from It’s What They’re Thinking
4. A Pure Accident
With Sirconical from It’s What They’re Thinking
...nice! You can find out more about ‘It’s What They’re Thinking’ here.
Good news for those of you outside of the UK.  Badly Drawn Boy will be heading out on tour into Europe very soon!! Click here for more information.  And if you don't live in the UK, click here for the first links we've been given to pre-order the album.  More will follow.
Before we go, please keep your eyes on Facebook and Twitter over the next few days as Damon's on TV quite a bit next week and we'll announce when and where online.

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